As a resident of Connecticut who has been bitten by a dog, you will have to remain vigilant for signs of infection afterward. Though the initial bite wound can be traumatic, the latent harm that possible infection presents can actually be more dangerous on a whole.

Medical News Today examines some of the potential signs you may see if your wound has become infected. These signs can be grouped into two general categories: symptoms that change the appearance of the affected area(s), and symptoms that affect how you physically feel.

Physical symptoms and changes that you can see may include green or yellow discharge or an unpleasant smell. The area may also be warm to the touch. Additionally, almost all infected areas will display redness. This redness may be streaky, patchy, or the entire area can turn red. The skin around the infection may also swell.

As for how it affects your health and how you feel, some of the more common symptoms may include:

  • Aches or pains
  • Chills and fever
  • Vomiting and nausea

Many people with moderate to severe infections compare it to feeling as though they have developed a cold or flu of some sort, as it leaves them suffering from similar symptoms.

If infections are not treated quickly and efficiently, they have a serious potential of wreaking havoc on your body. Treatment for infection is not always inexpensive, however. For this reason, if you are bitten by someone else's animal, you might want to look into seeking compensation from them.

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