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Dog breeds: the data and the dangers

Dogs are considered family members in a plethora of Connecticut households. After all, these furry friends can provide strong bonds and even protection. As loving as these creatures may be, it is impossible to predict the actions of a dog. When a person's pet turns on another human or animal, a legal situation could ensue. The following information provides a scope into the most dangerous dog breeds, as well as ways to avoid a potentially dangerous attack. 

What you should know about wrong way driving

Drivers in Connecticut have to face many obstacles and potential dangers every time they're on the road. One of the most alarming issues involves wrong way drivers, who usually don't understand the panic and potential danger they're posing to everyone around them.

Understanding social host liability

Hosting a party is not only a significant social responsibility for many hosts, it is also a significant legal liability if alcohol or other controlled substances are involved. In Connecticut and many other states, social hosts may bear some legal liability for injuries suffered because of a social gathering, depending on the nature of the event and substance available there.

Why are 18-wheelers a dangerous vehicle?

As a motorist who shares the road with large 18-wheelers in Connecticut, you put yourself at risk every time you get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, because of their size and weight, a crash with one of these behemoths can be costly. Loughlin Fitzgerald PC are attorneys at law, here to help you if you find yourself financially struggling after being involved in an accident with a commercial truck.

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