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Helmet laws in the spotlight

Drivers on the Connecticut roadways have to be aware of a variety of concerns and paying special attention to nearby motorcyclists is one of them. According to the Hartford Courant, the federal government ended a requirement that motorcyclists wear helmets in 1976, and Connecticut does not require motorcyclists to wear helmets.

Yet the debate over whether or not a law mandating helmets continues to rage on. Those against helmet requirements say choosing whether or not to wear a helmet is a rider's personal choice. Yet those in support have often lost friends or family members in a motorcycle accident, and say they want to protect others from the same grief. There are 19 states that do mandate helmets for all motorcyclists on the road, and that is because riders wearing helmets are 37 percent less likely to have a crash turn deadly than motorcyclists who aren't wearing a helmet. As lawmakers in Connecticut once again debate the issue,

As lawmakers in Connecticut once again debate the issue, a crash on the set of an anticipated movie sequel has made national news when a stunt driver was killed in a motorcycle crash. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the driver, who was not wearing a helmet, lost control of her motorcycle and crashed through the glass of a nearby building while on the set of Deadpool 2. She was pronounced dead at the scene. Although she was an experienced racer and was able to successfully perform the stunt four other times, on the fifth practice she had an issue with the motorcycle's throttle and lost control. She was not wearing a helmet because the character never wore one.


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