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June 2017 Archives

Surviving summer: Teen drivers

As schools across Connecticut are taking a break for the season and warmer temperatures take families on trips to the beach or on a road trip to visit family, many heave a sigh of relief that summer is here. Yet for parents across the state, the fun in the sun can turn to terror as new reports show that teen drivers are at risk.

Throwing a party with underage drinking could cause big problems

It's summer, which means it is only natural for high school and college-aged kids to get together and have fun. Unfortunately, for a lot of young people, having a good time could involve the consumption of alcohol. If you discover that your parents are out of town during the upcoming weekend, you may invite a few friends over for fun. That could quickly snowball into a loud, unruly party. Even if you keep things low-key, you could be putting yourself (and your parents) at risk by serving alcohol to your underage friends. If one of them leaves while under the influence, you could be liable.

Connecticut drivers second worst in nation

Although many residents consider themselves safe drivers, NBC Connecticut reports that a new study rates drivers from Connecticut at 49 out drivers in all 50 states. Only Rhode Island drivers ranked worse. This data came from EverQuote, which created an app to measure several factors in driving safety, including how often drivers interacted with their smartphones, acceleration, turning and braking.

Connecticut's social host laws

It comes as no surprise that in Connecticut it is against the law for a person 20 years old or younger to possess alcohol or to consume alcohol. However, the state's laws go beyond the actions of any minor person involved and may also include what may be called a social host. A social host is someone of legal drinking age who may either provide alcohol to a minor or at least be aware of a minor's possession of alcohol.

The real dangers of distracted driving

Most Connecticut residents are aware that distracted driving has been getting a lot more attention in the past few years than it had. This is with good reason as more information is coming to light showing just how dangerous this behavior really may be. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that in 2015 alone, almost 400,000 people were hurt in accidents involving a distracted driver. Almost another 3,500 died.

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