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February 2017 Archives

Connecticut struggles to enforce "Move Over" law

Connecticut motorists who need help from police, paramedics, firefighters or other responders while on the road should feel confident that they can be safe in the process of getting help. Similarly, those who provide help to motorists should also feel that they will be safe in the process. To help this, Connecticut has enacted a law referred to as the "Move Over" law. This legislation requires that drivers maintain a free lane between disabled vehicles and responders and their moving vehicles.

Dog bite liability statutes

Recovering from injuries can be a long process but sometimes recovering from a dog bite brings unintended side effects. If you are bitten by a dog in Connecticut, you may be tempted to brush off the event if the injury was not serious. However, at Loughlin Fitzgerald, we understand that bites are not the only injuries which dogs can inflict.

Accuracy of breathalyzers

When Connecticut drivers are pulled over on the road, there may sometimes be a breathalyzer test in their future. Because these devices are frequently used to determine how much a driver has had to drink, some people may wonder about their accuracy. According to AlcoholAlert.com, accuracy can vary depending on several points.

Have drunk driving fatalities changed?

With much emphasis placed on drunk driving accidents, you may think that this type of collision happens every day in Connecticut. According to Connecticut Health I-Team, however, the most recent numbers indicate that the number of people killed in these accidents has declined.

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