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July 2016 Archives

Drugged driving may be on the rise

Advocacy groups like Mothers Against Drunk Driving have been positive voices for several decades now in the effort to reduce the number of people who choose to drive after drinking alcohol. Research released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association last year indicates that some progress has been made although a new danger to Connecticut residents appears to be growing.

Motor vehicle accidents and traumatic brain injuries

The human brain is an incredibly powerful yet equally delicate organ. A blow to the head can have signicant consequences for a Connecticut resident, even without loss of consciousness. Understanding the scope and dangers associated with brain injuries can be important for people so that they know how and when to seek proper help.

2016 Fourth of July holiday more dangerous than 2015

Every year as the Fourth of July holiday approaches, Connecticut residents hear, see and read warnings about the need to drive safely over the holiday. It is a sad fact that during this time each year, there may be an increased risk of being in an accident in part because of the volume of traffic on the roads.

Resident to see new dog law after recent attack

Connecticut residents should be able to enjoy the long, lovely days of summer without worry. Spending time outside in backyards, poolside, at a park or in other locations should not be something that gives rise to concerns about bodily harm. However, when dogs are present, such concerns may well be warranted. This can be especially so if the dogs involved are types known to be aggressive toward people at random times.

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