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June 2016 Archives

State grant helps fund increase DUI crackdown

As Connecticut residents gear up for the Fourth of July holiday weekend, a combination of excitement and concern can be experienced. Fun plans for gatherings with friends and family members can all too easily be marred by serious accidents. Holidays like the Fourth of July provide too many opportunities for reckless drivers to cause crashes. It is not uncommon for these incidents to involve impairment by alcohol.

Man killed after being hit by speeding driver

Connecticut residents face many a danger from drivers every day. Fatigue, distraction and impairment are just some of the things that can lead to serious injury and even fatal accidents. Even without inclement weather conditions to worry about, these things can wreck havoc on area roads in the summer months.

Distracted driving in Connecticut

For several decades now drivers in Connecticut have been hearing about the dangers of drunk driving. Transportation and government agencies have tracked accidents and fatalities attributed to drunk drivers in part to support strengthening the laws against drinking and driving. In the last 10 to 20 years, a new danger has emerged in the form of distracted driving.

Trucker hits car, killing three people

With the Connecticut summer vacation season ready to get into full swing, concerns about traffic accidents are also sadly present. Whether due to impairment, distraction, fatigue or other reasons, many negligent drivers cause senseless accidents. Even worse, these accidents all too often claim the lives of innocent people or leave other victims suffering with serious and sometimes life-long injuries.

Drunk driving and seatbelts targeted for holiday weekend

Like their counterparts throughout the country, most residents in Connecticut are looking forward to the long Memorial Day weekend. An extra day off of work or school and the impending unofficial start to summer make this among the year's favorite holidays. Sadly, this holiday is one that can often be marred by the actions of negligent persons, like those who choose to drink and drive.

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