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April 2016 Archives

Understanding dog body language

People in Connecticut who are concerned about dog aggression and dog attacks can benefit from understanding some of the basics of dog body language. While many dog bites are unavoidable or unable to be predicted, some physical cues may help provide warning about a potential attack or bite. Dog owners also should be aware of these signs in an effort to prevent their pets from causing harm to others.

How many pedestrians die in Connecticut each year?

Spring is in full swing now and like many other people all around Connecticut, you may be enjoying walking and other activities outside again thanks to the good weather. Certainly the health benefits of walking and being active are known but sadly, there are also risks associated with things that require you to share the road with motor vehicles. Just how common are pedestrian accidents in Connecticut? How many people actually die as pedestrians in the state each year?

The brain injury recovery process

Connecticut residents who suffer brain injuries in incidents like motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents and more may face a challenging road to recovery. The Brain Injury Resource Center indicates that the recovery from a brain injury focuses on two main areas. The first is the restoration of functioning and the second is the relearning of things when full restoration is not possible.

How dogs impact homeowner’s insurance

Many people in Connecticut have dogs and these animals can become treasured members of families and best friends. However, the reality is that dogs are animals and unpredictable by nature. Some dog breeds are especially known for becoming aggressive in virtually any situation. When people choose to have these types of animals as pets, they assume a new level of liability when it comes to home owners insurance.

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