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December 2015 Archives

Providing care for dog bite injuries

Connecticut residents of any age can become the victim of a dog bite in a variety of situations. Knowing how to respond and care for injuries can help to reduce the potential for serious infections to develop. American Family Physician notes that a large percentage of dog bites result from dogs that people actually know, including their own family pets. Children are also frequently those who are injured and bitten by dogs.

Mother injured, daughters killed by minivan driver

There is never a good time for someone to die in a motor vehicle accident but when these things happen near the holidays, loved ones can suffer even more. Connecticut families expect to celebrate joy and happiness at this time of year, not plan funerals for their relatives. Unfortunately, these tragic crashes do happen at the worst times.

What are Connecticut’s laws for teenage drivers?

If you are concerned about the risk that teenage drivers pose on the roads in Connecticut, you are not alone. Even the most responsible teenager lacks sufficient experience with which to make critical decisions in what are frequently milliseconds when driving. In addition, many teens are impulsive and immature which can also make them more prone to driving dangerously. All of this adds up to serious dangers when not properly supervised.

Does Connecticut have a social host law?

Drunk driving or other inappropriate use of alcohol in Connecticut can be related to countless accidents in which innocent victims are injured or even killed. If you or a loved one has been impacted by such an incident, you know the unending pain that these events can cause. When minors are the ones who have consumed alcohol, the issues surrounding liability can become very complex especially when legal adults have facilitated the alcohol possession.

Issues surrounding state drunk driving data

Drunk driving is a serious problem all around the country and can be especially concerning during holiday times. As many people in Connecticut enjoy holiday festivities that frequently involve alcohol consumption, the danger can increase. Data pertaining to accidents caused by alcohol- or drug-impaired drivers can give some idea about the severity of the drunk driving problem. It seems, however, that Connecticut’s statistics are lacking in many areas.

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