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October 2015 Archives

Elderly woman bit by neighbor’s dog

Even people who love and own dogs should be able to appreciate Connecticut’s laws protecting victims of an animal attack. The state’s statutes require that dogs known to be aggressive should be properly restrained so as to prevent dog bite injuries to innocent persons. A serious injury can happen in seconds and have a lifelong impact on anyone involved.

How many drunk driving fatalities happen in Connecticut?

With the fall and winter holiday season fast approaching, concerns about drunk drivers logically enter the minds of many Connecticut residents. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are all deadly times on the roads, too often at the hands of people who make the dangerous choice to drink and drive. In order to fully understand the risk, it can be helpful to know some recent statistics about drunk driving accident fatalities.

A look at drunk driving fatalities in Connecticut

You have likely heard more than you share of sad stories recounting serious injuries or even deaths that have resulted from a drunk driving accident. Unless you or someone you know is hit by a drunk driver, it can be easy to think of these incidents as “things that happen to other people”. Even if you have not been personally affected by such a crash, it is important to understand how many people really are—and that the risk is ever present.

Woman faces second drunk driving arrest

Sadly, many a Connecticut resident who is arrested for and convicted of driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol does not learn. Repeat offenses happen all too often, putting innocent people at risk of serious injuries or even death. An auto accident caused by the negligence of a drunk driver should always be considered dangerous even if personal bodily injury does not result.

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