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Dangerous dog breeds

Many residents in Connecticut enjoy the love and companionship of dogs. Much research has been conducted proving the positive impact that pets can have on people of all ages. However, the realities of dog bit injuries cannot be overlooked no matter how much you may love your dog. Every pet owner must assume the responsibility that goes along with having a dog especially the dog breed is known to be particularly dangerous to others.

Dog takes bit out of teenage girl’s cheek

Dogs may be a man’s best friend but sometimes an unattended dog can cause serious problems for innocent people. Any Connecticut resident who has ever suffered dog bite injuries knows this all too well. In addition to intense physical pain and permanent scarring or disfigurement, the emotional pain of suffering from a vicious dog attack can leave a person afraid of these pets for life.

Understanding the brain injury recovery process

Nobody ever expects to be the victim of a brain injury or to have a loved one suffer such an experience. When tragedy strikes and a serious injury to the brain is sustained, the consequences can last a lifetime. That lifetime is often never the same as the one expected prior to the injury. Permanent disability is possible. If you have a family member who is affected by brain trauma, the more than you can understand some of the processes of recovery, the more you can be of help to your relative.

Ignition interlock devices for all drunk drivers

Drunk driving is a serious concern in Connecticut. According to state officials as many as 39 percent of all vehicular fatalities in the state involve alcohol. Various groups including Mothers Against Drunk Driving continue to look for ways to reduce the number of drunk driving deaths and accidents. This can include awareness campaigns, increased police effort especially over holidays and more.

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