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February 2015 Archives

Study: People may have increased stroke risk after brain injuries

Suffering traumatic brain injuries can be a serious medical occurrence for people in Connecticut, and throughout the U.S. In general, a penetrating injury, bump, jolt or blow to the head causes these types of injuries. This can occur due to assaults, motor vehicle accidents, work-related accidents and a number of other causes. As a result, people can experience a range of effects. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the effects of traumatic brain injuries may include issues with cognitive function, motor function, sensation and emotion. Recent studies have suggested that suffering injuries of this type may be a risk factor for stroke.

Collision involving disabled vehicle in Wallingford injures 5

Occasionally, drivers may have issues with their vehicles while traveling on the roads of New Haven. Whether due to a flat tire, mechanical problem or any other number of reasons, motorists who experience situations such as this must often pull over to assess the issue. Even if they have found a seemingly safe place to do so, this can be dangerous for them, their passengers and other drivers.

How to avoid drunk drivers on New Haven roads

Despite the increased awareness, people in Connecticut, and throughout the U.S., continue to drive drunk. This can lead to motor vehicle accidents, which can result in serious injuries and death for the drunk drivers, as well as passengers and other motorists. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 30 people are killed each day in drunk driving accidents across the U.S. While drivers can help to prevent such accidents by refraining from drinking and driving themselves, there is no way to guarantee that the motorists they are sharing the road with have done the same. By knowing the signs of drunk driving, motorists can take steps to avoid alcohol-impaired drivers on the road. 

How does homeowners’ insurance factor into dog bites?

As seen in recent news, Connecticut lawmakers are reviewing a proposal that aims to prevent homeowners’ insurance companies from discriminating against the owners of certain breeds of dogs. That is because certain animals may pose a bigger threat of attacking someone, causing damages for which the insurance policy often pays.

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