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Toddler suffers brain injury in wreck caused by distracted driver

In New Haven, and throughout the U.S., distraction is among the leading causes of motor vehicle accidents. Whether talking on the phone, reading a text message or even conversing with a passenger, distractions can take motorists’ attentions off of the road and the task of driving. As a result of such accidents, other drivers, and their passengers, may suffer serious injuries, such as brain trauma, which can have lasting effects.

What should drivers do after Connecticut car accidents?

Despite driving defensively and responsibly, even the safest of New Haven motorists may be involved in collisions, which can result in injuries or death for them, or their passengers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than two million people were injured in car accidents across the U.S. in 2012 alone. Additionally, over 20,000 people were killed. In order to help overcome the confusion and panic that can be experienced following collisions, it can be important for drivers to understand what to do to help protect themselves and their passengers.

Considerations for Connecticut wrongful death claims

All too often, the negligence, intentional actions and recklessness of people results in the death of others. This can be due to any number of incidents, including motor vehicle accidents, assaults or other types of accidents. Regardless of the cause, these types of sudden deaths can leave the loved ones who are left behind in not only grief-stricken, but also in a state of financial turmoil.

1 pedestrian killed, 2 injured after hit by Norwalk drunk driver

Consuming alcohol, both beer and liquor, can cause people to experience a range of effects, including blurred vision, slowed reflexes and diminished judgment. As a result of the impairments that alcohol intoxication can cause, it is all too common for drunk drivers to be involved in accidents. Not only can a drunk driving accident result in the serious injury or death of the intoxicated driver, so too can other drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other bystanders.

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