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October 2014 Archives

When are Connecticut dog owners liable for dog bite injuries?

The dogs that people in New Haven, and elsewhere, own can serve any number of purposes in the lives of their owners. Whether a guard dog, service animal or family companion, there is the potential that dogs may come into contact with people other than owners and those with whom they reside. Just as it is the responsibility of dog owners to provide food, shelter and other care for their animals, they also have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the people who their animals may encounter.

What causes traumatic brain injuries?

Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, are very common in New Haven, and throughout the country. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that, in 2010 alone, approximately 2.5 million people visited emergency department, were hospitalized or died as the result of traumatic brain injuries. Generally, traumatic brain injuries occur when there is a blow, jolt or some other type of traumatic injury to the head. While many people consider these types of injuries to be primarily sports related traumas, they are also commonly caused by a number of other factors, some of which may be due to the actions or negligence of others.

New study shows hands-free phone use may not be safe for drivers

Despite laws aimed at keeping motorists focused on the task of driving, distractions, such as cell phone use, regularly contribute to causing motor vehicle accidents in New Haven and throughout the state. These collisions, like those caused by other factors, can result in serious injury and death to innocent, attentive drivers, or their passengers. In an effort to keep motorists’ hands on their wheels and eyes on the roads in front of them, the demand for built-in dashboard infotainment systems in vehicles and voice-activated smartphones has increased.

Worker attacked by pit bull mix while cleaning pool in yard

From repair workers or landscapers, to cable service workers and more, many people throughout New Haven, and elsewhere, allow different types of workers into their homes and yards to perform any number of jobs. When people who are pet owners have workers in their homes, they generally have a responsibility to ensure that their pets do not pose any danger to the worker.

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