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May 2014 Archives

84-year-old woman killed in car crash with alleged drunk driver

While responsible alcohol consumption can be a great way to relax and unwind, even drinking responsibly can be dangerous for drivers in New Haven, and elsewhere. According to the National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, nearly 13,000 deaths result from alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents each year. In many cases, the effects of alcohol, including impaired judgment, slowed reflexes, difficulty concentrating and blurred vision, factor into causing these fatal collisions.

Parents of 25-year-old golf pro file wrongful death lawsuit against doctor

When Connecticut parents lose a child, they often do everything they can to find out the reasons for their loss. Unfortunately, this can be difficult and in some cases, the family members never understand the true reason for their child’s death.

Former high school baseball coach to pay $275,000 in wrongful death lawsuit

When Connecticut parents lose a child to suicide, there are often other adults who played some role in the child’s emotional trauma. Naturally, these heartbroken parents search for answers to their child’s death, and some even file wrongful death lawsuits against people who are responsible for the events that led to their child’s suicide.

Branford woman suffers severe dog bite injuries

Most Connecticut dog owners would never expect their furry friends to attack anyone. Unfortunately, pets are sometimes unpredictable. Even when dogs are kept in their homes, they are prone to escape if the doors are not securely shut or locked.

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