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April 2014 Archives

Connecticut man sentenced to 12 years for fatal DUI crash

As large SUVs become more popular in Connecticut and in the rest of the country, the potential danger increases for accident victims. Because these vehicles are so large, it is sometimes nearly impossible for people who have been hit by drunken SUV drivers to survive. Fortunately, people who cause disastrous drunk driving accidents are often held responsible for their actions.

Connecticut woman killed in high-speed police car chase

Most Connecticut residents rely on police officers to protect them from harm and keep the streets safe. Unfortunately, the authorities sometimes go too far in their enforcement of the law, and some people may be seriously injured or even killed in fatal accidents.

Following study on dangers of mixed martial arts, some call for more regulation

For many people in Connecticut, competitive sports often keep them in excellent physical, mental, and emotional health. However, some popular sports also put people at risk of suffering from a traumatic brain injury.

Connecticut woman to serve 7-year prison sentence for killing Clinton man in drunk driving accident

For many people, what makes fatal drunk driving accidents so devastating is that they are preventable. When people in Connecticut choose to drive under the influence of alcohol, they put themselves and others at great risk. Fortunately, some people who are convicted of drunk driving devote the rest of their lives to educating and preventing others from making the same mistakes they did.

Victims of defective GM vehicles fighting for compensation

Although automobiles are the most common mode of transportation in Connecticut and the rest of the country, it is important for people to remember that they are large, heavy pieces of machinery that can be deadly. Unfortunately, some car manufacturers fail to design or assemble their products correctly, which puts consumers at even greater risk. In many cases, victims are entitled to compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit, but there are some exceptions.

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