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December 2013 Archives

Drunk driving, auto fatalities and more impact insurance costs

Connecticut motorists face the daily challenges and risks inherent with sharing the roads with other drivers. Even under the best of circumstances, car accidents can happen. When you add in other factors such as alcohol use, the chance for such events can increase. A drunk driving accident can result in devastating injuries and even death and leave victims searching for help and compensation.

Friends charged after death of Glastonbury teen in drunken crash

Most of the time, when a person drives drunk, they face the legal consequences of their actions. In some situations, however, such as when an accident occurs, the person or establishment that served or allowed them to have the alcohol, or anyone who knowingly let them drive while intoxicated, may also be held liable.

Victims' families, survivors win lawsuit against drunk driver

Most readers in New Haven are aware that car accidents can result in serious injury or even death for the drivers who are involved, as well as for their passengers. While often the driver who caused the crash will face some sort of penalty or charge by law enforcement, they may also be held financially responsible, if those affected choose to take legal action against them.

High school athlete suffers brain injury, collapses during game

Readers in New Haven are likely aware of the dangers that come with playing football. Although the sport requires players to wear padding and helmets to protect them during the course of the game, many who play or have played the game have suffered serious injuries.

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