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November 2013 Archives

Woman dies of heart attack after attacked by 2 pit bulls

Pet owners have the responsibility to not only just care for their dogs, but also to ensure that they are kept secure in a home or fenced yard. Even dogs whose owners believe they are properly socialized and safe to be around can sometimes snap and attack a person or another animal. For people in New Haven, as well as other localities throughout the U.S., the trauma of a dog attack can be long lasting and can stretch beyond just the serious injury that dog bites can cause.

Drunk driver allegedly caused fatal Meriden accident

All too often, people drink alcohol and then make the decision to get behind the wheel. Not only can this result in serious charges if authorities catch a motorist who has been drinking, drunk drivers may also cause car accidents due to their impairment. When that happens, it is not only the drunk driver who may suffer the consequences of their decision.

Family sues Bridgeport for drowning death of boy at local beach

Regardless of whether it is publicly or privately owned and operated, public gathering places generally have safety precautions in place to help avoid preventable accidents. If a breakdown in those safety precautions allows a fatal accident to take place, the family of the deceased could take legal action against those responsible for the property and its safe operation.

3 people, including newborn, injured in Fairfield car accident

Speed limits and other traffic laws are in place in order to maintain order and safety on the roads and highways throughout New Haven and the rest of the U.S. If drivers disregard those safeguards, it can, and does, often result in car accidents. When these types of accidents occur, not only the negligent driver can end up being seriously injured or even killed, other drivers and passengers can also be affected, even if they were taking every precaution.

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