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September 2013 Archives

Man suffers brain injury in motorcycle crash, fighting for life

Whether sustained in a car accident, a fall or some other incident, readers in New Haven are likely aware of the severity of head injuries. If it does not result in death, brain trauma can have serious, lasting effects, including problems speech, movement or other bodily functions, which could require extensive medical treatment.

Attack by 6 pit bulls leaves man in critical condition

Dog owners in New Haven and elsewhere are responsible for their animals. In addition to ensuring that they are properly cared for, owners must also ensure that their dogs are properly secured, either in their home, on a tie-out or in a yard, particularly if the dog is aggressive. If an aggressive dog gets loose and harms someone, it could not only result in the dog having to be euthanized, it could also lead to serious legal problems for the owner.

Man injured, woman killed in Connecticut drunk driving accident

Motorists who get behind the wheel when they have been consuming alcohol run the risk of being pulled over by law enforcement officers, or worse, harming themselves or others. Alcohol can cause drivers to have slower reflexes, vision impairment and other issues, which could increase their chances of being involved in an auto accident.

Family claims hitting drills caused football player's death

Readers in New Haven and elsewhere are likely aware of the dangers and potential for injury which physical sports, such as football, have. That being said, it is the responsibility of coaches and other sporting team staff to ensure that players are not put in unnecessary danger that could lead to serious injuries or even death.

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