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January 2013 Archives

Wrongful death suit against casino nightclub begins

A wrongful death trial against a nightclub within the Mohegan Sun casino was close to beginning in a Connecticut courtroom on Jan. 15 as jury selection began. The plaintiffs in the wrongful death case, including the family of a 20-year-old woman who was killed in a highway crash in 2009, hinges in large part on whether the club over served alcohol to the driver of the other car and allowed him to drive away despite being intoxicated.

Boy's nose saved after dog bite attack

Any time an individual experiences a dog bite, it is a scary situation, as it is unknown if the dog has been immunized, if it is healthy or depending on the severity of the individual's wound. Yet a recent dog bite incident involving a 10-year-old boy was particularly upsetting as well as unusual. Not only did the dog, a pitbull, bite the boy, but it bit his nose off and swallowed it.

Comedian back at work after severe brain injury

Fans of the actor and comedian Larry Miller in New Haven may not have realized that he suffered a severe traumatic brain injury nine months ago. The accident was serious enough that Miller spent six weeks in a coma and spent months recovering. Though his spokesman described his rehabilitation as a "slow process," Miller has returned to work hosting his podcast and is expected to fully recover.

Lawsuit over dog sitter's bite injuries restored by court

Readers in Connecticut who follow dog bite cases may be interested to hear that injuries suffered by a woman who was attacked by a dog she was watching during her neighbors' vacation can be the subject of a personal injury lawsuit. A court of appeals in another state recently ruled that the woman was not an "independent contractor" for legal purposes and therefore could continue seeking compensation from the dog's owners.

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