A spinal cord injury affects the injured person and his or her family members. If you or your loved one has sustained a spinal cord injury, talk to an experienced injury attorney from Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C. Serving Wallingford, New Haven and the surrounding areas, we work very closely with our seriously injured clients and are dedicated to seeing their case resolved favourably.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Serving New Haven and Other Areas
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Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., works closely with our seriously injured clients to help them pursue justice and obtain compensation. We have extensive trial experience and will take a case to trial if our client is not offered a fair settlement. We believe our settlement success is due in large part to our knowledge of trying cases, our reputation with other lawyers and our reputation with judges.

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Several Types of Spinal Cord Injury

The extent of a spinal cord injury will depend on the location of the vertebrae that was damaged. The victim can become paralyzed from the neck down or from the waist down. Quadriplegia and paraplegia will change a person's way of life forever. He or she will likely require lifetime care, special equipment and accommodations in the home. Depending on the injuries, the person may or may not be able to return to work. We work with economists and medical experts to determine the long-term implications of the injury and demand a fair settlement amount.

In addition to brain and spinal cord injuries, we handle car accident lawsuits and other personal injury claims resulting in catastrophic injury and wrongful death.

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If your family is dealing with a spinal cord injury, we know you have many questions. We are prepared to give your case our full attention. Contact us.