Most people who ride bikes ― whether for pleasure, exercise or to save on gas expenses ― take great care when riding. They wear helmets, signal their turns and stops, watch for motorists, wear reflective clothing and abide by the rules of the road. Despite bicyclists' efforts to stay safe while biking, negligent motorists can cause serious injury and even death. If you were injured in a bike accident, our attorneys can give your injury compensation claim our full attention.

Bicycle and Car Accident Lawyers in Connecticut
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At Loughlin FitzGerald, P.C., we are trial attorneys who can take your bike accident case to trial if you are not offered a fair settlement. We handle bike accidents that arise from car accidents, truck accidents and other type of motor vehicle accidents.

Learn more about our bike accident lawyers serving New Haven and other areas: Charles P. Reed, and James E. Ringold.

Did You Sustain a Head Injury in a Bike Accident?

Our attorneys are dedicated to securing fair compensation for our injured clients. It is not uncommon for bike accidents to result in catastrophic injury or even a fatality. Bikers are not physically protected from the dangers of the road. Whether a biker is hit by a car, run off the road by a car, "buzzed" by a car as it drives by or injured in a hit-and-run, serious injury can occur. We represent victims of brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and other serious injuries.

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