Our law firm provides attentive, caring legal representation to people who have been assaulted and attacked on other people's properties. With experience in premises liability and personal injury, we have in-depth knowledge of how to help victims of assaults.

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Negligent Security Can Lead To Physical Attacks

Property owners are responsible for providing occupants, visitors and guests with safe and secure properties. These responsibilities apply to property owners across all property types, including:

Our personal injury lawyers have extensive knowledge of the steps that property owners can take to ensure that people are kept out of harm's way. Steps can include ensuring that:

  • Security cameras are in proper working order
  • Staff undergo thorough background checks
  • Locks function properly
  • Security guards and other personnel are provided when necessary
  • Key cards work and are only distributed to appropriate people

The majority of physical and sexual assaults can be prevented when all security measures are in place. Our firm understands the sensitive nature of the injuries that you have sustained, and we are here to be vigorous advocates as we seek compensation on your behalf.

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