To help prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue, the Department of Transportation limits the number of hours a truck driver can be on the road without taking a rest break. Unfortunately, trucking companies may encourage drivers to violate DOT regulations by assigning routes that cannot be covered while taking required rest breaks.

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Connecticut Truck Accidents Caused By Driving Fatigue

Truckers are required to keep paper or electronic logbooks to show that they did not drive too long without taking a rest break. Our lawyers will take immediate steps to secure the driver logbook. To ensure that the entries have not been falsified, we will compare the hours driven with other evidence such as:

  • Distances covered
  • Meal and diesel fuel receipts
  • Truck GPS records (if equipped)
  • Tollway receipts

If we can prove that driver fatigue was a factor, the trucking company can incur significant liability.

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